One thought on “Brian and Mariana’s Lakeside Wedding Campout

  1. dear Misha, your Leonard Lake portfolio is so enriching to view, it seems like you captured the spirit and beauty of the guests and the newlyweds, the fun and the ritual, along with the natural setting. Although there was no photo of your home on wheels, I’ll always picture the tea house (you set up perfectly) when I think of our days & evenings on Leonard Lake a month ago. I enjoyed morning tea and smoked an unusual hookah between happy hour & main dinner, with Caleb. You were one of the guests who added so much to the celebration, from spiritual ceremony to midnight cordials (peach-infused bourbon!)… families bonded, there was healing as well as kayaking! You put so much effort into these memorable days that I can’t help but consider you family now. Memories of the carefree-ness and fun we all enjoyed in that summer-camp setting will be there for us long into the future…hugs from your new uncle (Larry)

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