The Call and A Prayer


Calling on my fellow visionaries, dreamers, and believers. Guides and Companions, those who see a bigger picture. Those who know they are worthy of love & are ready to live it. Who are not afraid to know what they want & and call it to themselves. The Kind hearts, healers and providers. Ready to receive, ready to give, & ready to embark. To create, explore & BE. To grow, to dig deep, plant seeds & water them.

Its time to grow a beautiful garden, to go inside and ground a vision, with a deep knowing, & kindred allocation. Sending these seeds to the breeze. May they take root and with right timing and season to blossom into a most fruitful forest of beautiful life, feeding all in its sight with its beauty, filling bellies with its nourishment, & hearts with its warmth. With presence, honesty and reverence. For the benefit of those near, far, and beyond.

Bless it Be.

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