about me

     The Burn 2012, NEVADA


Born curious and prone to wandering.  Seeking and searching for truths; in what came before, and what was left behind and forgotten;  Ways that worked so well but were left for ulterior motives and stranger more askew traditions. In search of places where roots still show, glimpses of simpler times, healing ways and authentic connection. Places alive with creativity.

A lifelong dream of travel calls me out of my cage, a cozy nest I have cultivated, the web I have spun. To explore. To dig things up. To make friends with strangers, Ask bigger questions, and sit with the answers that come. Inoculate my curiosity with the lively spirit, flavor, and cultures of the world.

With a happy heart and intuition as a guide; I inquire into the great mystery and wander this path, knowing I am not alone.


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