All Small Handcrafted productions of Elixirs, Chai, & Cordials

Love potion – Chocolate damiana, Ginger Liquor, Blackberry Damiana…

Herbal, Seasonal, and Sensual decoctions


CATALYST CHAI Creations 2014

Also offerings of global wears, gathered from around the world, including beautiful Yak Wool Blankets handmade in Nepal, hand woven purses, pouches, slippers, various cozy warm things, & other bright colorful, beautiful hand made products from Thailand, Peru, Guatemala and beyond.

Send in your requests, questions or comments using the form below!


More About Catalyst Chai:

Through exploration and immersion in communities around the globe, I have experienced a deep rooted cultural history of craft and heritage that has touched my soul. I return home each time with inspiration, joy and a sense of renewal. Coming back to a world that at times can feel incredibly bleak and void of these soul affirming cultural chords and connection. This leads me to further seek & believe, surely our roots reach deeper than our computer screens, and we are capable of possessing a richness that cannot be measured by the width of our pocketbooks. I am sure of this, and dedicated to continuing along this path, looking for collaborators, other dreamers and doers, to join together to share this message, share in the joy, the stories, the victories, & the beauty that is being created… What we have seen and what is being done in the world, to show that it is possible. It is Happening. And you can do it too!!

All proceeds go towards further exploration, education & development. So that we can, by supporting these communities abroad & the makers and shakers here at home, promote the spirit & livelihood of cultural handicrafts, & soulful exchanges in our communities!

Catalyst Chai Maven Misha Miller

_MG_0994 The Catalyst Chai Wagon under the full moon at Sh’Bang Festival of Ideas. Bellingham, Washington. September 2014

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